The aggregates industry, as noted earlier, is one of the most highly regulated in the nation. From safety to the environment, we are sensitive to and respectful of our surroundings. At Cape Cod Aggregates, for example, we burn ultra low sulfur diesel—an environmental grade better than the requirement. We also actively and voluntarily participate in energy conservation programs to lower our carbon footprint and reduce emissions. In addition: we hire numerous consultants to insure full and on-going compliance with the federal Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) and the state Department of Environmental Protections (DEP); we recycle our waste oil, using it to reheat our facilities in winter; and we have an elaborate water recycling system, recycling thousands of gallons of water from the gravel pit to the truck tire wash.

CCA is working closely with its water consultant, GeoHydroCycle, to insure groundwater protection. Eight monitoring and testing wells have been installed to date—six in Freetown and two in neighboring Berkley. CCA is working closely with the state Department of Environmental Protection to assure the highest level of environmental protection on site.

Aggregate Uses In Protecting the Environment

  • Erosion Control
  • Slope Protection
  • Filtration
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Wastewater Control
  • Septic Tank Leaching Fields
  • Aquifer replenishment
  • Reclamation of Mine Site