The aggregates industry is one of the most highly regulated and monitored industries in the United States. We are required to meet, and have met, all U.S. Department of Labor MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration) standards, as well as all federal EPA regulations and state DEP regulations, as well as all state and town guidelines regulating such operations.

Cape Cod Aggregates is committed to protecting well water, restricting noise, controlling dust, and maintaining the quality of life in the communities we serve. We comply with or exceed the safety standards of every related federal, state and local regulation and statute. The State of Massachusetts has also developed a 527 CMR 13.00 to protect neighboring areas from disturbances during blasting. This law outlines the “allowable limits of air blast and vibration, based upon extensive government, university, and engineering research which has established the amount and character of vibration so as to prevent and insure the safety of the public and the protection of property adjacent to the blast area.” (Excerpted directly from 527 CMR 13.09).

CCA blasting in Freetown, to date, has been independently monitored at 80 percent below allowable levels.

On-site state-of-the-art mitigation measures neutralize noise and dust with proven sound attenuating technology; noise and dust are  monitored to meet all state and local regulations. Quarry site dust mitigations include: a dust suppression system; and the use of water trucks, vegetated berms, water cannons and special “fogging nozzles” that spray a fine mist. To mitigate dust, CCA has installed a paved entrance road, cleaned daily by a street sweeper; the company also has installed a truck tire wash on site.

Regarding concerns about silica dust: While there is no allowable threshold in Massachusetts due to the lack of data supporting harmfulness, Cape Cod Aggregates continuously marks at less than 2% of the State of California’s allowable threshold for silica dust during air modeling surveys—considered among the most restrictive in the world.

Employee Safety

CCA regards employee safety among its highest on-site priorities. Our employees are required to attend weekly safety meetings, inspect our equipment, vehicles and plants daily, and are all CPR and First Aid certified. The quarry itself is protected by two separate layers of safety barriers, a perimeter fence, and large boulders to prevent any vehicle from possibly entering.